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GDBionix's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 16 (From 5 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 120 Points

>be me

be bloodninja Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
ED is a serious issue
be dog Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
you really like dogs, don't you?
be dreaming Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
thank god the dog was just a dream
be spaghetti Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
split your head in gamestop
be suave Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
woo the gamestop girl
be treats Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
a nice guy tries to give a gift...
be inspected Unlocked 1/13/18
10 Points
who eats in the middle of class?
be not poop Unlocked 1/13/18
10 Points
ew, you wiped it on your clothes?
be atomized 5 Points all according to plan
be eminem 5 Points just talk to the girl already, jesus
be philanthropic 10 Points get your fannypack back from the dog
be prepared 10 Points get outta gamestop without issues
be rudolph 10 Points fuck yeah, cheetos

Medals Earned: 8/13 (50/90 points)

Jam Factory

Earn 1000 gold! Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
You factory have a good start!
Earn 5000 gold! Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
Grow a small factory
Earn 10000 gold Unlocked 1/13/18
10 Points
It's time to build a big monopoly!
Earn 50000 gold 10 Points The whole world will drown in jam.
Earn 100000 gold 25 Points We need a new planet.
Earn 500000 gold 25 Points I stuck to it.
Earn 1000000 gold 50 Points Jam god!

Medals Earned: 3/7 (20/130 points)

snek REDUX

Das Ende Unlocked 6/3/16
5 Points
*Throws Keyboard* 5 Points Die 50 times
Acceptance 5 Points Die 100 times
Addict 5 Points Eat 999 Noms total
Hero to Zero 5 Points Reach 40 length then die
It Goes to Your Thighs 5 Points Eat 250 Noms total
lil snek 5 Points Reach 10 length
long snek 5 Points Reach 30 length
med snek 5 Points Reach 20 length
Om Nom Nom 5 Points Eat 100 Noms total
Persistent 5 Points Die 25 times
Recurring Theme 5 Points Die 10 times
snek XL 5 Points Reach 40 length
Social Butterfly 5 Points Check out a social link on the main menu :)
You Can Stop Now 5 Points Eat 500 Noms total
Adventure! 10 Points Get the Maze Chalice
Adventure!!! 10 Points Get the Caves Chalice
Adventure!!!!! 10 Points Get the Machine Chalice
Munch Munch Munch 10 Points Lose 10 length to Mr. Munch
NEStalgic 10 Points Reach the Caves
New! Space Action 10 Points Beat Galagus in 10 Seconds
Shoot em' Up 10 Points Reach the Machine
Tourian Air Hockey 10 Points Reflect 30 discs from the Heart total
Flatline 25 Points Beat the Game
Pro 25 Points Beat the Game with no continues
Twitch Reflexes 25 Points Beat the Game without using Snek Time
IRL Hero 50 Points Get the True Ending
Pro EX++ 50 Points Beat the Game with no continues on the hardest difficulty
Snek Games Done Quick 50 Points Beat the Game in 2 minutes 30 seconds or less
You Done It 100 Points Get the True Ending on Hardest Difficulty

Medals Earned: 1/30 (5/480 points)

Squarely Jump

level 5 Unlocked 1/13/18
5 Points
reach level 5
level 10 Unlocked 1/13/18
10 Points
reach level 10
level 15 Unlocked 1/13/18
25 Points
reach level 15
level 20 50 Points reach level 20
completed 100 Points reach the last level
level 25 100 Points reach level 25

Medals Earned: 3/6 (40/290 points)

The Love Letter

Teacher's Pet Unlocked 6/3/16
5 Points
Find the kitty.
Heartless 5 Points Let the clock run out without reading the letter at all.
Hall Monitor 10 Points Walk for at least 60 seconds without stopping.
Meddling Kid 10 Points Interrupt at least 10 conversations.
Ladies' Man 25 Points Finish the letter after bumping into every girl.
Procrastinator 25 Points Finish the letter with less than 5 seconds left.
Bookworm 50 Points Read for at least 45 seconds without stopping.
Speed Reader 50 Points Finish the letter in less than 90 seconds.
Germaphobe 100 Points Finish the letter without touching any students or walls.
Less Than Three 100 Points Finish the letter without more than 3 students ever seeing you at once.

Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/380 points)